We can’t wait to see you!

Imagine, that a friend of yours invited you over for a good chat on a summer afternoon. You enjoy the shade of the patio, and the calmness of the surrounding vineyard, while the birds are chirping and dogs are barking in the background. In the meantime your friend brings his best wine, a cold bottle of soda water and asks you what you’d like to have for dinner. And while you start to smell the oven, some mouthwatering appetizers land on the table.

Whether its a romantic late summer dinner, a birthday celebration with your family, a friendly gathering or a company wine tasting, we are looking forward to have you here, hoping that you’ll love the ambiance and tranquility of  our terrace. And while you sip away our wine, we’ll prepare your nibbles in the oven and on the fire with good care.

Calm ambiance, nature, great wines and authentic Hungarian cuisine served by smiling people. Just like you’d enjoy that meal at your friend’s patio.

How the cellar was born

Our story all started when my father bought a small piece of land by the forest at the beginning of the ’80s.

A  small vineyard and fruit trees were planted, then a cellar was built. A walnut tree started to grow near the cellar and then a cozy patio, a beehive oven and a grill was built next to it. All of a sudden we needed a fireplace in that small building to keep us warm on the chilly autumn and winter nights as the bottles started to fill up with our own wine.

We opened as a small winery and “fröccs” terrace on 30th May 2013 aiming to serve a cold drink for the cyclists passing by (Fröccs is THE Hungarian drink – different ratio of wine and soda water mixed). However we just couldn’t hold back ourselves nor the beehive oven, therefore for the 3rd year in a row, we now operate as a restaurant, hoping you all find something exciting on our menu to try some new or authentic flavours.

We are looking forward to welcome you!

András Kerekes 


A few photos at ours

Tucked away at “the other end” of Almádi, the Kerekes Winery has been marketing itself as a fröccs terrace, but it would be a mistake to think that is its main profile. However, it cannot be denied that it’s a prime spot for that purpose, too, with a refined wine list and a terrace overlooking a narrow, forested hillside. But that is easy to find elsewhere around the Balaton as well. What is harder to come across is a place that serves wasabi and salmon caviar on toast with the wines, and has a super varied food selection including Asian dishes, pizza baked in accordance with the strictest Italian methods, and American charcoal-grilled steaks. Versatility and experimentation are key, as are ad hoc events focusing on particular dishes, sometimes with music accompaniment.

When are you coming?Are you here already?