As a winemaker in the Balaton region, I believe that the northern hills, the closeness of the lake and the ground of the area creates a very special flavour, which is even more than that. A feeling! I think that our wine expresses the taste of the panoramic view that you see from the hills of Balaton, as you glance down the lake from the quiet vineyard.
Try how each year and panoramic view from Balaton tastes in a wine tasting event.




Our prices are shown in HUF and include VAT. We can’t serve alcohol to under 18s.


Do not w(h)ine, have a SPRITZER!

  • “And when the Hungarians invented this wonderful blend full of wisdom and prudence, which is straight enough to awaken a wine-drinker’s imagination, yet tame enough not to harm one’s noble organs, they demonstrated a deep life experience.”

    Sándor Márai

The prices shown above indicate the white and rosé version prices.